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→ 25I-NBOMe, broken down and described



 : 6 - 10 hrs
Onset : 15 - 120 mins
Plateau : 2 - 4 hrs
Coming Down : 1 - 4 hrs

 : 50 - 250 ug (micrograms)
Light : 200 - 600 ug
Common : 500 - 800 ug
Strong : 700 - 1500 ug

25I-NBOMe or 2C-I-NBOMe is a serotonergic N-benzyl derivative of the substituted phenethylamine psychedelic known as 2C-I.

It has nearly no history of human use prior to 2010 when it first became popular due its ease of purchase from online research chemical vendors.

25I-NBOMe was discovered in 2003 by Ralf Heim at the Free University of Berlin. It differs from 2C-I structurally through a substitution on the amine (NH2) with a 2-methoxybenzyl (BOMe) group as shown in the image above. This change in structure results in a sixteen fold increase in potency when compared to 2C-I, allowing even the most extreme of dosages to fit in liquid form onto tabs and blotter paper (which people often mistake for LSD).

There are, however, methods of differentiating between LSD and adulterants like 25I-NBOMe with and without test kits.

For example, one of the key differences between 25I-NBOMe and LSD is that this substance is only active when taken through a sublingual or insufflated route. This means that in order to get the full effects, 25I-NBOMe blotter paper must be lightly chewed on within the mouth for 10 - 20 minutes and never immediately swallowed.

Insufflation, however, is not recommended due to the amount of people who have suffered through dangerous and often fatal overdoses due to this route of administration.

25I-NBOMe is pharmacologically unique when compared to other psychedelics through the way in which it is one of the only full agonists for the human 5ht2a receptor in existence. In comparison, classical psychedelics such as LSD, DMT and psilocin can only be considered partial agonists.

This difference in receptor affinity results in an unusual and qualitatively different trip which based on the predefined potential subjective effects index found here, I will now begin to breakdown and describe.

Physical effects:

Assuming the substance has been taken sublingually, the very first physical effect which a person will notice immediately after sublingual absorption is a strong, unpleasant metallic chemical taste. This is accompanied by a very obvious feeling of general numbness of the tongue and mouth which can stay for up to an hour after the blotter paper has been consumed. This is the key difference when it comes to determining whether your blotter paper contains LSD or one of the NBOMe series.

The body high itself can be described as a generally mild, all-encompassing, soft but euphoric tingling sensation. This tingling sensation is also accompanied by spontaneous rushes of euphoria that become longer and more drawn out proportional to the dosage consumed. In terms of the body’s perceived weight, this substance consistently leaves people feeling extremely light, often to the point of total weightlessness.

In terms of its effects on the physical energy levels of the tripper 25I-NBOMe is usually considered to be very energetic and stimulating. For most people, this substance induces a unique type of physical stimulation which can be described as feeling extremely energetic but in a way which does not force the tripper to move unless they genuinely choose to do so. For others however, the stimulation can be quite uncontrollable, occasionally resulting in bodily shakes and a grinding of the teeth comparable to that of MDMA and traditional stimulants such as amphetamine.

Negative Physical Effects

It is worth noting that an undetermined percentage of people who experiment with this drug will experience negative physical side effects such as a temporary difficulty in urinating and vasoconstriction. This is defined as the narrowing of the blood vessels resulting from contraction of the muscular wall of the vessels and is triggered through the way in which 25I-NBOMe’s target receptor (5-HT2A) modulates both vasoconstriction and vasodilation among its many other functions. Physically speaking, this can become very uncomfortable but can be considered as safe at low to moderate dosages. The sensation itself can be described as feelings of tightness and mild to distinct stinging sensations within the arms, legs and neck.

As the tripper begins to come up, nausea is not uncommon and can sometimes result in initial vomiting, but passes once this has either happened or the trip begins to fully set in. In comparison to other psychedelics such as psilocin, LSD, 2C-E and 2C-I, this could actually be very considered very mild in its intensity.

Cognitive effects:

The head space of 25I-NBOMe is described by many as remarkably light and underwhelming in comparison to the classical psychedelics. It is not uncommon for people to report feeling that their thought stream has maintained general normality in its specific style throughout low to moderate dosages. At high dosages, however, mild to overwhelming cognitive alterations become present.

The most prominent of these cognitive effects generally include:

  • Introspection
  • Acceleration of thought
  • Ego suppression, loss and death
  • Time distortion
  • Mindfulness
  • Conceptual thinking
  • Increased connectivity of thought
  • Enhancement of current mindstate
  • Suppression of cultural filter
  • Entactogenic effects (increased empathy and sociability)

Alongside of the above effects, there are also mild to powerful (but inconsistently manifested) entactogenic effects for people who try this substance in the presence of others. These feelings of increased sociability, love and empathy do not seem to be quite as strong or profound as those found within other entactogens (such as MDMA, 2C-B and AMT).

Visual effects:


25I-NBOMe presents a full and complete array of possible visual enhancements which generally include:

  • Increased visual acuity
  • Enhancement of colours
  • Enhanced pattern recognition


The visual distortions and alterations which are experienced are detailed below:

  • Visual drifting (melting, flowing, breathing and morphing) - In comparison to other psychedelics, this effect can be described as highly detailed, slow and smooth in motion, static in their appearance and unrealistic/cartoon like in style.
  • Tracers
  • After images
  • Texture repetition - In comparison to other psychedelics such as LSD or psilocin, this particular visual alteration is significantly more basic and less intricate in style but still distinctively present.


The visual geometry that is present throughout this trip is often described as similar in appearance to that of LSD. They can be comprehensively described as algorithmic in geometric style, intricate in complexity, fine and zoomed out in detail, fast and smooth in motion, structured in shape, colourful in scheme, glossy in colour, sharp around the edges and mostly rounded across their corners. In comparison to other more commonly used psychedelics, they can be described as significantly more intricate than the visual geometry found within 2C-I and most of the 2C-x family and are completely on par with LSD, Psilocin and DMT at appropriately high dosages.

In terms of their behaviour, 25I-NBOMe’s geometry leads onto Level 7A visual geometry with Level 7B remaining so far unconfirmed within this substance. They also seem to consistently build up in visual intensity when the tripper stares at a central point. This eventually envelops the visual field and creates the sensation that the tripper has broken through into a continuously shifting geometric landscape or structure with a vast sense of immersive physical size attributed to it.

Hallucinatory states

25I-NBOMe is capable of producing a full range of hallucinatory states within the level 1 - 3 range extremely consistently. However, level 4 hallucinatory breakthroughs are reported but uncommon and inconsistent in comparison to other more commonly used psychedelics such as psilocin, 2C-E and DMT. These effects include:

  • Transformations
  • Imagery
  • Hallucinations - This particular effect commonly contains hallucinations with scenarios, settings, concepts and autonomous entity contact. They are more common within dark environments and can be described as internal in their manifestation, lucid in believability, interactive in style and almost exclusively of religious, spiritual, mystical or a transcendental nature in their overall theme.

Auditory effects:

The auditory effects of 25I-NBOMe are common in their occurrence and exhibit a full range of effects which commonly include:

  • enhancements
  • distortions
  • hallucinations

Health effects, addiction potential and tolerance:
25I-NBOMe is a very new substance and little is known about its pharmacological or behavioural risks. The LD50 is not known. Some deaths have been attributed to 25I-NBOMe overdoses caused by improper handling and uneducated use of this substance. Its recent widespread use suggests that death is primarily caused from overdoses and not from ordinary doses, particularly from insufflation.
The fact that 25I-NBOMe is active in the microgram range is likely a contributing factor since this makes measuring doses significantly more difficult. 
It’s worth noting that although many 5-HT2A agonists have documented safety, none of these have been full agonists so their safety data cannot be applied to 25I-NBOMe.
In terms of its addictive potential, 25I-NBOMe has not been studied formally but due to its immediate tolerance build up which lasts up to 2 - 3 weeks after the experience, it is essentially impossible to use this substance compulsively.

Legal issues:

  • 25I-NBOMe is unscheduled under United States federal law. However, it could possibly be considered an analog of 2C-I (a Schedule I controlled substance) under the Federal Analogue Act. In this case, sale or possession of 25I-NBOMe with the intent of human consumption would be illegal.
  • Virginia, Louisiana, and Florida have specifically scheduled 25I-NBOMe as a Schedule I controlled substance.
  • All NBOMe substituted phenethylamines are controlled in Russia.

In other countries, however, 25I-NBOMe is completely unscheduled and freely available to anybody with an internet connection. If you wish to obtain this substance despite the risks involved you can literally type “buy 25I-NBOMe” into google and find several legitimate vendors on the very first page.

Please keep in mind however that 25I-NBOMe is NOT being sold by anybody specifically for the purposes human consumption as this would be genuinely illegal within most if not all countries.

Reader submitted trip reports:

In conclusion, 25I-NBOMe is an extremely interesting psychedelic but does not quite compare in terms of visual and cognitive depth if you have access to classical psychedelics such as genuine LSD, DMT and psilocin.
I will not be seeking this substance out again but experimenting with it has certainly been an interesting and enjoyable experience.
Please go ahead and let me know if you agree or disagree with any particular points contained within this article by using the comment system below.


Name: Danny
Age: 20
Substance/Drug: MDMA
Country: United Kingdom
Tumblr: daftrageagainstthepunkmachine

When I was 19 I went to a club near my home town with a couple of friends of mine. The idea is that we would have some drinks before at the hotel then head over to this club, pick up and then have a really good night out as it was a specialist house/electronic night. I ended up drinking an entire bottle of gin for pre drinks, and once we’d finally got in, me and my friends managed to pick up within half an hour.

After we’d split the two grams into 1/4 bombs we proceeded to bomb and we waited in the smoking area to come up, just chatting to people. As I was smashed I got impatient after 5 minutes and then bombed another 1/4. After another 15 minutes or so both bombs hit me at once and I immediately overdosed. I had to be rushed to the med room in the club with two paramedics looking after me for over 3 hours. 

When I regained consciousness I was covered in sweat, I ached all over and I was more thirsty than I have ever been. I was told by my two friends that I had been twitching and writhing for three hours like I was possessed. The paramedics told me I had the highest BPM they had ever recorded and if it had been 7-10 beats higher I could have died from cardiac arrest.

Now I have had plenty of other expiriences with loads of drugs and I still take drugs now. The moral of the story is be sensible with your drugs. Don’t take more than you can handle and don’t mix them with massive quantities of booze. (It won’t end well)

Stay safe kids!

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